Snoring Solutions

mpowerx-logoThe MPowRx Snoring Solution was developed by a dentist/medical researcher specializing in the use of oral devices for sleep disordered breathing and working with a team of sleep experts.

The inventor was seeking a comfortable appliance that would be inexpensive for patients who suffered from snoring or mild OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). In such cases, expensive devices that must be custom fitted by a dentist may not be necessary. The inventor designed an appliance  that would accomplish the task of pulling the tongue forward slightly with minimal intrusiveness.

mpowrx-snoreguardThe MPowRx Snoring Solution is a simple one-piece appliance  to prevent snoring which can be comfortably retained within the mouth while the patient is sleeping.

How Does It Work?

It is formed in one step from moldable sheet resin material, fits between the lips and teeth and has an aperture with a protrusion for holding the tongue. Once the protrusion is squeezed to reduce the air volume, a vacuum is formed which keeps the tongue comfortably retained within the protrusion. Retention of the tongue helps keep the upper respiratory air passages open, improving nighttime breathing and relieving snoring in a large number of patients.

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